Storm Gen 2 - Men's Right Handed Speed 8 Curling Shoes

$209.99 USD

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Goldline extends the popular G50 product line with the Storm Gen 2 and Cyclone Gen 2. 

Built on our popular platform, and wrapped in IceKnit fabric, these shoes marry warmth and durability with flexibility and fashion. Both styles feature a reinforced teflon sliders improve on traditional sliders by providing increased stability and lighter weight, all while maintaining a traditional speed rating of either Storm Speed 8 or Cyclone Speed 11. Speed 8 is equivalent to traditional 5/32" teflon, and Speed 11 is equivalent to 1/4". 

The Storm's flexible upper and stable outsole offer the perfect combination of mobility and balance. Sure footing on the ice is assured with Goldline's gripper technology, the gold standard of stability and widely regarded as the best in in the market. 

Offered in full and half sizes from 7 to 12 plus size 13 and 14, the Storm is designed for right-handed curlers and come with a slider on the left foot and a gripper on the right foot

  • Extends the G50 line with Storm Gen 2 and Cyclone Gen 2 shoes, wrapped in IceKnit fabric for warmth and durability
  • Reinforced Teflon sliders for increased stability and lighter weight, with Speed 8 (5/32" Teflon) and Speed 11 (1/4" Teflon)
  • Storm's flexible upper and stable outsole ensure mobility and balance, with Goldline's top-rated gripper technology
  • Available in sizes 7 to 12 (full and half) plus sizes 13 and 14, designed for right-handed curlers with left-foot slider and right-foot gripper