End Game Origin Broom

$154.99 USD



The original End Game broom for curlers of all skill levels!  

The End Game Origin broom features:

  • A patented, eco-friendly design minimizes the discarded material when replacing broom head fabric, resulting in lower osts and less landfill waste.
  • Our snap-fit head design eliminates the need for screw fasteners, giving the broom head a secure fit with less weight.
  • The adjustable pivot assembly is fabricated with stainless steel components for improved strength and long-lasting performance.
  • A simple adjustment screw is easily tightened or loosened to set your preferred broom pivot force.
  • Leverages a large-radius sliding bar to improve the smoothness of your slide.
  • Slide knowing your broom head will stay in position with our broom heads' exclusive locking sliding position. Not available on any other curling broom on the market!


  • 100% lightweight carbon fiber broom handle
  • Broom head length: 9" long by 3" wide
  • Broom head weight: 230 g
  • Total broom weight: 390 g (with the standard 4ft length)

* End Game Origin Broom comes with a matched End Game Fabric.