Written in Stone: A Modern History of Curling

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By Brian Chick

Written in Stone: A Modern History of Curling tells the story of competitive curling in Canada, starting with the beer-soaked Briers of the 1980s and following its evolution into the current, borderline-professional game.

Forty-eight of the biggest names in the sport sat down and shared their memories, thoughts, and opinions about some of the game’s most exciting happenings over the last three decades.

Featuring: Al Hackner, Amy Nixon, Ben Hebert, Brad Gushue, Brad Jacobs, Cathy Overton-Clapham, Chad McMullan, Chelsea Carey, Cheryl Bernard, Colleen Jones, Craig Savill, Don Bartlett, Earle Morris, George Karrys, Gerry Geurts, Glenn Howard, Ian Tetley, Jan Betker, Jeff Stoughton, Jenn Hanna, Jill Officer, Joan McCusker, John Epping, John Morris, Kaitlyn Lawes, Kelley Law, Kerry Burtnyk, Kevin Albrecht, Kevin Koe, Kevin Martin, Lisa Weagle, Lori Olson-Johns, Mark Nichols, Mike Harris, Mike McEwen, Paul Boutelier, Paul Savage, Paul Webster, Rachel Homan, Randy Ferbey, Reid Carruthers, Richard Hart, Rick Lang, Scott Pfeifer, Shannon Kleibrink, Sherry Middaugh, Warren Hansen, Wayne Middaugh