Momentum Sliding Discs

From $44.99 USD


Momentum shoes feature a velcro based slider and gripper system. This allows you to configure your shoes to suit your needs, whether it's for right handed or left handed curling. Or, get even more creative if you have specific needs. Tuck sliders who wish to have a gripper on their heel can easily do so with Momentum shoes.

These structurally reinforced teflon sliders improve on traditional sliders by providing increased stability and lighter weight, all while maintaining a traditional speed rating of either Speed 8 or Speed 11. Speed 8 is equivalent to traditional 5/32" teflon, and Speed 11 is equivalent to 1/4".

The velcro portion has been deliberately left off of the back half of the toe piece to allow more flexibility of movement. This "hinged" slider makes walking more natural and allows tuck sliders to get all the way up on their toe during delivery.


  • Structurally reinforced teflon slides faster while providing increased stability and lighter weight.
  • Velcro based slider and gripper system allows you to select the sliding speed you want.
  • Momentum shoes can be configured for either right handed or left handed play.
  • Available in either Speed 8 or Speed 11.
  • Sizes cover both full and half sizes. For example, a size 7/8 would fit four sizes of shoes: 7, 7.5, 8 and 8.5.