Brooklyn Curling Broom (Special Edition Goldline Fiberlite Air)

$149.00 USD


Brooklyn Curling Center is building something big... New York City's first dedicated curling venue. And we've built the broom to match that ambition.

It's built on top of the #1 curling broom in the world today, the Goldline Fiberlite Air. 

Each Goldline Brooklyn Curling Broom comes with a gold WCF Approved Air Pro Curling Pad. This broom's pad is certified to meet WCF specifications, ideal for use by competitive players entering events requiring WCF sanctioned pads.

The composite handles feature a high strength-to-weight ratio. Honeycomb construction on the head further reduces weight while adding durability.

The AIR head's easy snap-on pad system allows for painless replacement after a season of hard sweeping.

Comes with a 1 1/8" handle.

Weight: 468g / 1.03lbs