What's Your Call? Curling Strategy & Tactics in 50 Real-Life Puzzles: An Interactive Guide

$21.99 USD

Using fifty puzzles from real-life games, What's Your Call? is an interactive guide to curling strategy and tactics for all levels of play. This is not your run-of-the-mill curling book! Instead, you'll view an actual game situation, decide your shot, then scan the QR code with your phone to watch what the Pro Skip played. Following each puzzle, the guys discuss the key lessons that apply to both club and competitive play. You'll learn about
  • The Three Golden Questions of Skipping
  • Choking Guards
  • Wing Nullifiers
  • the Come to Momma Defense,
  • the Chicken LittleOne-in-the-Bank and Go Big or Go Home Offenses
and many, many more principles that apply to all levels of curling.

It's an interactive cheat sheet - breaking down the basics of curling tactics and strategy, isolating fundamental principles and helping you move up the skipping learning curve – fast! It also includes a Strategy Primer to help you get going. If you're an aspiring curler trying to improve your game, this guide is for you.

Doug Wilson is the creator of the Daily Curling Puzzle, a group of over 16,000 avid curlers devoted to curling strategy and tactics. Mickey Pendergast is a Strategy Guru - a twelve-time Tour winner, two-time Alberta Runner-Up, and reigning two-time Canadian Masters Champion.